Tuesday, April 24, 2018


We just wrapped up our graphing unit and it was lots of fun!  Check out a few things we did below!

We started out with a simple "favorite ice-cream flavor bar graph."  We talked about the parts of a graph:  title/question, data, and labels.  Everyone came up and added their cone to the graph.  We also read "The Great Graph Contest" book, which you can snag below if you wish.

Then we moved onto a really fun M & M graphing activity pack!  I got this on TpT many years ago and can't seem to find who it belongs to, so I can't link it for you.  BOO!  You could always search "M and M Graphing" and see what you can find!  *I got the giant tub of candy from Costco.*

We learned about tally marks with a book, Tally O'Malley, which you can snag below if you wish.

We practiced counting tally marks with craft sticks.  This is always a favorite activity each year!

We played "Rock, Paper, Scissors!"  This is always a HUGE HIT!  If you'd like to get yourself the dice, click below!  They are a fun investment!!

The paper is included in the pack shown below.  However, you can also get it if you belong to my Facebook group!  Click HERE to join!

We also played "Dice Tally," from my "Math Games on the Fly" pack!  

Overall, we had a great time learning about data!  


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday 6 April 22

Hi!  Welcome back for another Sunday 6!  I had plans to blog last Sunday, but after being off for spring break for two weeks, I honestly just completely forgot!  Haha!  Some of the things I post about today might be a couple weeks old!  Remember that if you would like to write a blog post, you can link it up below!  Just use my Sunday 6 images and link back to me.
Mr. Wheeler and I had a great time in Florida during spring break!  We go every year.  Most years we fly, but this year, we drove.  The car ride is so long, but knowing the end goal kept my brain occupied!  We had a lot of relaxation, yummy food, and beautiful sunsets!

Speaking of that long car ride...I read a great book called "Teaching With Poverty In Mind" by Eric Jensen.  I highly recommend if for anyone who teaches in a low SES school district.  Click the Amazon image below to grab it in my store.

 Before break, I made these "Magic E Blending Cards."   You've liked my other blending cards, so I decided to create more!  These make an excellent Guided Reading warm-up activity!  Click below to grab a set for your classroom.

I recently updated the cover to my "End of the Year Memory Book."  This is a free download in my TpT store.  To grab the updated version for this year, click below.  Enjoy!

I love to ride my bike.  Mr. Wheeler and I take a lot of rides when the weather is good in Ohio...which is not often, hahaha!  I took up indoor cycling last fall and have loved it, as well.  I take it at my local REC.  Last week, I decided to try CYCLEBAR and really enjoyed it!  It's dark and cool in the studio and the music is great.  Here I am with a few friends on Saturday:

Mr. Wheeler and I travel a lot and one of our favorite places to find when we travel is Which Wich!!!!!!!!!  It's the best sandwich shop ever.  I love their buffalo chicken and cheese steak.  Have you tried it?  If you haven't, find one NOW!!!!!!!!  So, so delicious.  We've been eating at them for years now, but never had one close to us!  PTL that one just opened last week.  We have already been there twice.  Oops!

Have a great week!  Link up your blog post below!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


We are a little behind where we normally would be in Phonics this year because we adopted a program called Fundations.  Do you use it?  I hated it at first because it's super dry and pretty boring.  BUT, my kids are reading!  They are learning all kinds of crazy Phonics rules and it's great!  I obviously supplement the program a lot, because I enjoy making learning FUN!  We have been working on blends lately and below are a few things we've been doing!  I have hyper-linked all the activities for you so you can check them out if you're interested or in need of some things!!

Stamping Blend Words!  Click HERE to grab this.  Easy literacy center activity!  Zero prep.

Blends Cut, Glue, Write Sentence Writing!  Wonderful practice with making sentences!  Rubric included.  Click HERE to grab these.

Blends Secret Words!  So much fun.  Click HERE to get these from Miss Giraffe.  Find the magnetic letters at Lakeshore Learning.

Blends Fluency Strips!  Perfect for a Guided Reading Warm-Up!  Click HERE to grab these.  


This is such a fun activity!  Sprinkle the cards around and give the kids a recording sheet and pencil.  The rotate around and write the missing blends as well as the rest of the word on their papers.  I used this as a literacy center last week! 

Blends Spin 'N' Cover Activity!  Click HERE to grab this.

Blends and Digraphs Board Game!  Click HERE to check this fun game out!

Blends Magnet Mats!  Simple literacy center or early finisher activity.  Differentiated optiosn included in this pack!  Click HERE to check it out.

And also not pictured:

Blends Flashcards.  Click the cover below to get them.  

Blends Find-a-Friend.  Click the cover below to grab it!


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sunday 6 March 25

Hi, folks!  Busy week here at the Wheeler household!  Here we go with another "Sunday 6."  Remember you can link up this week.  Just be sure to use my provided images!  Have a great week!
I made these Magic e blending cards earlier in the week!  Lots of you have been asking, so here you go!  These are great for a quick guided reading activity.  They are also great to send home for extra practice.  Click the cover to snag them!

We celebrated the first day of spring by making an anchor chart of things that remind us of winter and things that remind us of spring.  We said goodbye to winter and hello to spring!  I had my student teacher make this chart with the kids.  We also colored, hunted for sight words, and read my spring mini-book.  The kids always enjoy these!  Click the cover below to snag it.

Even though Tuesday was the first day of spring, we had A SNOW DAY ON WEDNESDAY!  WHAT THE HECK!  Welcome to Ohio!  Our weather is always so bizarre.

I was cracking up changing the season/weather chart!

I have been so stressed out this year and my shoulder has been acting up again from my rotator cuff surgery that I had last winter.  I decided that I needed a massage so I went for one on Friday.  Much needed.  She wants me to come back on the reg. to get them because my shoulder hates me!  I'm ok with being on a plan for massages!  Yes, please!

I went to a bridal shower for one of my teammates yesterday.  It was so much fun showering her!  That's her with the adorable flower crown on!

We've been working hard on learning to tell time!  Below is a game from my 'Math Games on the Fly: Telling Time" pack. I love that the games are print and go!  Check out the bundle and/or the individual telling time pack below.